Learning about Communication

The interns had another great week on the job! We also had our first lesson with our new speech therapist, Brooke. She taught a great lesson about communication, and we talked about different scenarios that might pop up at work where communication would be especially important. I asked the interns to write about why communication is important and some of the ways that they use communication at work.

“Start a conversation with someone next to you because it is good to talk to somebody you know. You can talk to them at lunch.” -Tommy

“To Communicate with somebody at work I need to introduce that person and shake his or her hand and make eye contact and ask appropriate questions. If there is something that I am having trouble and I dont know what to do at a job I would ask a co-worker. The reason why communication is so important is because people need to think about before we say something that is appropriate and not too personal.” -Enoes

“The reason why communication is very important is because if somebody would asked me a question I need to know how to answer the question that they ask me. The ways that I can communicate at work is by listening, hearing, talking or speaking.” -Carlton

“This week has been great. Communication is important because so you can learn more about a person. Communication helps you to learn how to talk. You can communicate at work with your co workers in private at the right moment. You can communicate at work to let them know the days you won’t be here so they will know when you’re not here. You can communicate with having eye contact. You must shake his or her hand when you meet someone. You can ask question that’s concerning to your job.” -Maurice

“The reason why it is important to communicate at work is so that everything will be okay and good and also so that the person knows that you will be doing the job correct and that will show them how good you are doing.” -Briana

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