LIFE Lately

It has been another fantastic week for our interns at Cox! We hope you enjoy reading about what they have been up to at work.

“My week was great. I have been mopping the floors in the fitness center. I have been cleaning all the equipment in the fitness center. I have been signing people in when they come in the fitness center. I have been folding up towels. Suzanne and my other coworkers gave me a card for my mom being sick in the hospital.” -Maurice

“During this week was great. I really enjoyed working at two of my jobs for this semester and I hope everything goes great for my next week. I love working at the Main Cafeteria because it makes me feel like I’m a chef. I also love working at the Chip Allen Fitness Center because it makes me feel like I’m a coach.” -Enoes

“How was my week at work?It was okay what i did at work this week was I delivered packages,sort out mail and scan boxes to see who’s packages they belong to and that about it.” -Carlton

“My week was short because on Monday I was sick. On Tuesday and Wednesday I came to work. On  Thursday I went to the dentist for a x Ray on my teeth. At work I deliver mail and I check for mail on the floors. I also make sure there is paper on all the floors.” -Tommy

“This week I got to help my boss when he was out. I took over with a lot of the food prepping and setting up the salad station. The next thing about my job is I am glad to be working with a lot of nice people. The other things that I love about my job is they are really nice and we all have lots of fun while we work. The next  thing is I am glad to spend time with all my friends and teachers at school and work. The last thing is I am so glad to be here at Cox because I am learning from some of the most amazing people that I have ever learned from while I have been here and that is what I love about my job.” -Briana

One thought on “LIFE Lately

  1. I really enjoyed reading what each of you had to say!! I love the written expressions! I am soooooo homesick! I miss you guys!

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