Hello October!

It certainly doesn’t feel like October! We’re ready for some Fall weather! Our interns had another great week of work, and Brooke did an excellent speech lesson about situations that may arise on the job.

2019-09-30 14.04.09-1

Here is what the interns had to say:

“I had a good work week. I checked all the floors on the A side and B side and delivered packages to the technology room. What I learned in speech is problem solving.
It is best to do something about it.” -Tommy

“So far my days at work is going good. I had improved so much learning new cooking skills, helping out my co workers, and making sure that everything is going the way it should. Yesterday at speech we learned about self control while at work and handling problems weather they are at work or home and also trying to find the solution to all the problems so that is what we did yesterday at speech.” -Briana

“This week has been great. I been folding towels. I been cleaning all the equipment. I did exercise this week. I have a new co worker named Tim. I been moping floors this week. I been putting the towels in the washing machine and dryer this week. In the store I been making smoothies. I been washing the blenders. I been dusting.” -Maurice

“During my week was great and my job at the Main Cafeteria is going great like always. I am getting more efficient than I ever was before by working on the breakfast. My job at the Fitness Center was great and I am also getting more efficient than I was before by working on the equipments. I am trying to be efficient by fixing the towels but I am good at it. What learned in speech is that I learned about remembering where to put my things and brainstorming.” -Enoes

“What I did at work for this week was deliver packages, check my floors which are 5,4,3 and 2m to see if I had any outgoing mail to get. Then I had to scan boxes and that’s what I did at work for this week. What I learned from speech yesterday was about problem solving. That means solving a problem or situation on your own or somebody can help you with the problem. The three key words I learned about are praise, feedback, and criticism and that about it.” -Carlton

Have a great weekend!

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