Everyone loves a long weekend!

Thanks to a teacher workday and Columbus Day, our interns enjoyed a short week of work after a 4 day weekend. I asked the interns to share what they did with their extra time off, as well as what they did at work this week.

“My weekend was good. What I did for the long weekend was playing video games, watching tv and hang around the house. My week at work was good. I delivered packages, checked all my floors and scanned boxes.” – Carlton

“This week have been great. I got my haircut over the long weekend. I hung out with some friends. I went skating and bowling. I rest and relax over the long weekend. I have been folding up towels. I have been cleaning up equipment. I have been signing people in when they come in the fitness center. I have been checking on the men’s locker room make sure that everything is clean and refilled. I have been getting dirty towels out the bins. I have been washing towels putting the in the washing machine and the dryer.” – Maurice

2019-10-10 11.26.01

“What I did on my long weekend was on Thursday I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. On Friday I was at home. On Saturday I went to my sister’s football game. On Sunday and Monday I just was at home.  On Tuesday I went back the dentist to get four fillings.” – Tommy

2019-10-18 10.37.37

“During my long weekend was ok. I just stayed at my house, relax and watch you tube videos on the tv. During this week at my two jobs was great. I am having a lot of fun working at the kitchen by working on breakfast. I am also having fun working at the Chip Allen Fitness Center by folding towels, cleaning and other things that I do at the fitness center. So anyway that’s all I have for today and if you like this blog please leave a like and subscribe and leave a comment down below and I will see you in the next blog.” – Enoes

Carlton and Tommy enjoyed a luncheon with the Mail Center staff today! We love how inclusive everyone is at Cox.

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