Fulton County L.I.F.E. Program

“The LIFE program at Fulton County Schools is a 1-3 year transition program that is designed for students with intellectual disabilities ages 18-22, who have completed four years of high school, and will benefit from career exploration and intensive vocational training, to support their ultimate goal of employment. Students should have prior vocational training experience from the Community Based Vocational Training Program, or other work experience. The three primary components of this program are: (1) Customized Career Exploration – work experiences will be designed for each student based on their strengths, abilities, and interests, (2) Skill Development – students will build skills in communication, employability, and problem solving, along with job specific skills. The students will utilize these skills to become independent in a supported employment environment, and (3) Outcome of Employment – work experiences will provide situational assessment information to the student, families, and team members in order to make realistic career choices that lead to meaningful employment.”

Fulton County Services for Exceptional Children Fact Sheet