5 Day Weekend!

This week has flown by! The interns are lucky that they have a 5 day weekend (teachers will be working tomorrow and Friday). We are excited to start a new monthly unit in Unique Learning. We will be  learning all about our community this month, and the interns completed their pre-tests on Monday and Tuesday. … Continue reading 5 Day Weekend!


This week felt extra long since we only had two days of work last week! However, everyone managed to do great work. We have been talking about good manners during our afternoon meetings and we folded brochures for our coworkers that explain more about the L.I.F.E. Program. We will distribute those next week. Here are … Continue reading TGIF!

Week 4

It's hard to believe that it is already September! We had another great week at Cox. The interns began a survey about different job skills, and they scored themselves as independent, with help, or want to learn. We will complete the survey in December and again in May to see how much the interns improve … Continue reading Week 4

Week 3

We had another fantastic week! We started the week with the solar eclipse, and we had donuts and moon pies to celebrate. The work week went well, and the interns continue to impress us! See their comments below for some insight into how their week went. We were honored to be invited to an ice … Continue reading Week 3